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Hunyás-Tóth Adrienn


My name is Adrienn Tóth, interior designer.

I graduated as an interior designer in 2021 and briefly considered starting my own business, but eventually decided to join the family business. My mother, Éva Ferenczi, has been involved in interior design for over 25 years, so we combined our strengths.

Our uniqueness lies in the fusion of my fresh perspective and my mother's extensive professional experience, allowing us to create exciting, inspiring, comfortable, and truly unique spaces for you.

What can be known about me?

The adventurous interior designer


Traveling! I love exploring new places, from Northern Europe to South Africa, and I have even ventured to some exciting locations in America. These journeys have gifted me with captivating cultures and landscapes, inspiring my work as an interior designer.

As part of the Studio Trend Interior team, I can unleash my creative side and work on creating unique solutions that truly elevate interior spaces - your home, your workplace.

Let the journey begin in the marvelous world of interior design!

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  • March 2022: I achieved first place in the "Picture of the Month" competition.

  • January 2023: I secured second place in the ARCHLine.XP "Picture of the Year 2022" competition.

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+36 30 742 55 75


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