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Sicis showroom in New York

If we're talking about New York and interior design, I couldn't miss visiting the Sicis showroom!

It was fantastic to see and even touch their artwork made of numerous mosaic pieces at the Sicis showroom. They create stunning artistic creations not only for walls but also for floors, adorning them with customized mosaic designs, sometimes even combining them with marble tiles. Even a small portion can serve as a Sicis mosaic on a wall or floor. The mosaic pieces are not limited to glass; they are also combined with textiles, wood, metal, and natural stones for an extra impact.

Moreover, the pool can be covered both inside and out with Sicis mosaic! (Did you know that, for example, the whirlpool pool in the Dagály Duna Arena was made special with Sicis mosaic?) We can even add a touch of Sicis to furniture! They are resistant to moisture and highly durable, making them perfect for such applications.

In addition to mosaic and tiling, they also offer a range of handles, knobs, various furniture pieces, accessories, and lamps among their products.

Unfortunately, there were only a few furniture pieces exhibited in their New York showroom, and I would have loved to see their Mars coffee table, which is one of my personal favorites. But hopefully, we'll meet next year at the Milan interior design exhibition and admire this piece at the Sicis booth! Until that time, we can find beautiful pieces at the Momento showroom in Budapest.


We hope that with this little blog section, you also got inspired to add some extra flair to your home, food and beverage establishment, accommodation, or office. Feel free to reach out to us, and we will help you design a touch of Sicis ambiance!


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