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The feminine sensibility conjures space: Why are there more female interior designers?

Interior design has become increasingly popular in recent decades and there are many interior designers in the field. But why are there so many female interior designers?

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Women are more sensitive to aesthetics and enhancing their surroundings. Interior design is an area where a keen sense of aesthetics, colors, and shapes is of paramount importance. Many women seem to have almost innate abilities in this field – some would argue that every woman understands interior design, just as every man understands football :) – and they are more inclined to take pleasure in how their environment looks and what kind of experience it provides.

In addition, women are more inclined to pay attention to details and seek practical solutions. These abilities are also a great help in interior design as there is a need to pay attention to many small details during planning and execution.

Despite the fact that interior design schools and courses are open to both men and women the number of women working in the profession is significantly higher. However, we are delighted to see a male colleague among us :)

Inspiration can also play a role in why women prefer interior design. Media and the internet provide an opportunity for women to get to know the work of other interior designers and this can inspire them to choose the same profession.

Let's talk about the numbers for a moment (source: Zippia) and see how it shapes up in the United States:

  • Currently there are over 119 778 interior designers working in the United States.

  • The interior design profession is predominantly led by women, making up 72.7% of all interior designers. Meanwhile, men constitute 22.4% of the workforce in the industry.

So the increasing presence of women in the field of interior design is linked to aesthetic sensitivity, attention to detail, educational opportunities, inspiration, and social changes. Interior design is an area where women can successfully thrive, and more and more people are discovering this creative and exciting profession.

Share your opinion on this topic! What do you think about the increasing presence of women in the field of interior design, and what factors do you consider most important in this process? Write your thoughts in the comments!


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