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The magic of Lake Balaton in our home

As the summer approaches, the desire to spend time on the shores of Lake Balaton invigorates us, and perhaps it's time to evoke the magic of the lake in our own homes. The unique combination of natural elements, vibrant colors, and freshness in the Balaton-inspired interior design style helps bring the atmosphere of the lakeside into our living rooms, bedrooms, and terraces.

In this blog post, we will explore how to incorporate the Balaton style into our homes to exude the relaxation and harmony of summer.

Water elements and decorations: Let's use marine motifs and decorations to evoke the feeling of Lake Balaton. Curtains or pillows adorned with fish or boat patterns can add a touch of waterfront magic to the interior. Let's use driftwood and pebbles that we can collect while strolling along the shores of Lake Balaton. These natural elements help capture the experiences of being near the water in our home.

Bright and airy terraces: Bright and airy terraces are characteristic of waterfront interior design, extending our home into the outdoors. Let's use lightweight, woven furniture such as rattan chairs or hammocks to create a comfortable space for relaxation and enjoying the view.

Shading is extremely important on the terrace as it protects our skin from harmful sun rays. Umbrellas are easily movable, allowing us to always place them in the optimal position. Awnings provide a more durable solution and offer protection against both rain and wind. Our favorite is the louvered pergola because it not only provides shade but also adds unique aesthetic value to the terrace. Let's not forget about proper ventilation and choose the shading solution according to the size and placement of the terrace.

We hope we were able to provide some assistance. Feel free to reach out to us if you'd like to renovate your terrace but find yourself stuck and in need of advice, or if you'd prefer to entrust the burden of design to an expert.


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