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INGYENES konzultáció - 30 perc

When is it worth considering?

  • Are you planning to rent out your property, but it could use a little makeover?

  • Do you want to transform your office into a creative environment?

  • Would you like to renovate your wellness area?


What is including

  • After preliminary consultation, based on a jointly created visual concept, stylish dressing of the given space

  • Rapid transformation of rental apartments/Airbnb, commercial spaces, hospitality venues, accommodations, offices using existing furniture/items that are already in your possession/on-site

  • Ideas for rearranging accessories and small furniture, with the possibility of immediate implementation

  • Recommendations for purchasing new furniture and accessories

  • Suggestion of art pieces

  • Proposals for colors, surfaces, and surface materials

What is the process?

  1. Occasion: Preliminary consultation in person at the location and/or via email.

  2. Occasion: Furniture procurement, rental - This is the occasion when we go together to select furniture, decorative objects, textiles, etc. that you like.

  3. Occasion: Transformation and remodeling of the location on the agreed date.

  4. Regular interior maintenance, updating the design - This will be discussed separately.

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