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Drawing plans

Demolition-construction plan, execution plan, mechanical data provider plan, tiling plan, electrical plan, furniture plan.


When is it recommended to use?

It is an excellent design guide if you want us to create interior design plans with interior architectural solutions for you from the initial planning stage to the final technical documentation. These plans can be handed over to the executing professionals as guidance.


What is the process?

  • We consult with you.

    • We visit the site, the under-construction property, and/or review the plans to discuss your ideas.

  • We provide a quotation.

    • We create a design concept along with a quotation, design deadline, and payment schedule.

  • We survey the site.

    • We examine the accurate measurements and assess the alignment, verticality, and horizontality of elements. Having an architectural plan is a helpful starting point.

  • Then comes the design phase, followed by the implementation of the plans.

What types of plans can you choose from?

Drawing plans are prepared based on the approved final interior design plans.

  • Demolition and Construction Plans - Determine which walls and openings will be removed, which ones will remain, and where the new ones will be located.

  • Mechanical Data Provider Plans - Indicate the plumbing fixtures such as faucets, washing machines, and other appliances requiring water connection. Determine the location of radiators and heating systems. Mark the position of gas-operated appliances, such as gas stoves.

  • Electrical Data Provider Plans - Determine the positions of light fixtures, electrical switches, and outlets. Include the wiring concept.

  • Drywall Plans - Plan the installation of gypsum board partitions, surface coverings, and the location of recessed lighting, ledges, and ceiling islands for hidden lighting.

  • Flooring Plans - The flooring layout plan includes proposed types of floor coverings, accessories, and the direction and method of installation.

  • Color Plans - Provide suggestions for paint colors, wallpapers, and other decorative coverings, specifying shades, patterns, types, textures, materials, surfaces, and quality.

  • Furniture Plans - Design custom furniture in collaboration with a carpenter, specifying materials, surfaces, major dimensions, and detailed drawings.

  • Specifications - A written document containing information related to the design that may not be fully or partially covered on the drawings. It includes the purpose of construction, description of the structure, applied systems, technologies, technical criteria, materials, and surfaces.


We summarize the interior design and home furnishing products included in the plan, available in commercial circulation, in an Excel spreadsheet: sanitary ware, lighting fixtures, mobile furniture, textiles, decorative accessories, etc.

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