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Ferenczi Éva

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My name is Adrienn Tóth, interior designer.

I graduated as an interior designer in 2021 and briefly considered starting my own business, but eventually decided to join the family business. My mother, Éva Ferenczi, has been involved in interior design for over 25 years, so we combined our strengths.

Our uniqueness lies in the fusion of my fresh perspective and my mother's extensive professional experience, allowing us to create exciting, inspiring, comfortable, and truly unique spaces for you.


What can be known about me?

Shortly after the establishment of the Hungarian Association of Interior Designers (LOSZ), I became an active member of the organization. In 2011, I was elected as the Co-President of the LOSZ Management Board.

In addition to designing homes and public spaces, I also enjoy participating in the design and execution of exhibition stands.

I have a fondness for subtle elegance, intriguing details, and bold and unique solutions.

One of my favorite areas is 3D visual design.

Exhibitions I frequently participate in

  • Bútorvilág

  • Lakáskultúra Élőben

  • Construma

  • Hoventa

  • BNV

Publications where my writings appear

  • Lakberinfo

  • Otthon Magazin

  • Pazar Nők Magazin

  • Otthonok és Kertek Magazin

My accomplishments

  • Member of the special award-winning team for LOSZ Interior Designer of the Year 2011

  • Member of the professional-winning team for LOSZ Interior Designer Team of the Year 2016

  • Member of the professional-winning team for LOSZ Interior Designer Team of the Year 2018

Beauty Clinic

phone number

+36 30 437 6455


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