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Interior design for accommodations and hospitality establishments

Éva Ferenczi


Adrienn Hunyás-Tóth

As a family business we design interiors for accommodations and hospitality venues, all the way through to execution.

The fusion of over 25 years of professional experience and our youthful perspective completes our enterprise.

With our expertise and vision we support and guide our interior designer colleagues through our mentorship program.

Whether it's interior design or mentoring, we look forward to your application!

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Our partners

Dora Koreny
Modern Interior Design

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Edina Dienes

"The entire family was amazed by the plans; it exceeded all our expectations :) We can't even imagine thinking in such perspectives. In my heart, I would start the execution tomorrow... Thank you so much for your expertise and assistance; with your permission, I will recommend you to acquaintances."

Dr. Gyöngyi Fóris

"Dear Éva! I am delighted to support your work. I was highly satisfied with your creativity, precision, and meticulous, multi-faceted proposals. Your generosity in all aspects was impressive. The sophisticated design of the clinic attracts discerning patients. Thanks to you, a significant part of my day takes place in a beautiful clinic, which fills me with a sense of joy. Patients also enjoy coming here, and they often compliment the curtains, even though it has been over five years since our encounter. You recommended an excellent carpenter who crafted furniture for my daughter that meets all her needs and will last for decades. Your professional connections have been instrumental and significantly facilitated the execution."

Margit Boda

"Both layouts are very appealing, how can I choose between them? The version with the tiled wall panels looks completely different, incredibly good! I'm looking at them... Thank you so much for the plans, I really, really love the end result! Wishing you continued success in your work! I promise to get back to you with the final decision."
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