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Two interior designers, one painter and lots of paintings

As an interior designer, colors and creativity play a crucial role in our work to bring about unique and stylish design projects. A cozy and inspiring interior can be further emphasized by a special painting. That's why a truly exciting collaboration is beginning, as we maximize the shared energy of interior design and painting with Dora Koreny Paintings. Now, let's see why this collaboration is so thrilling!

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Studio Trend Interior & Dora Koreny Paintings

Cooperating with Dóri immediately expands the palette we can work with. After all, a painter is the magical master of colors, and through collaborative thinking, we can add deeper emotional layers and dynamism to homes and hospitality venues.

Paintings are not just decorations but genuine works of art that tell stories. These visual elements provide a uniqueness and character to the space that would be difficult to achieve in any other way.

By combining the two professions and engaging in collaborative design, we blend the finest elements of interior design and artistic expression, creating a home that reflects our client's personality and style. For instance, we can choose animals for a children's room, a nature theme for a wellness center, or even feature our favorite dog-inspired artwork in a forester's house.

Thanks to our collaboration, we can create unique solutions that fully align with the needs of our clients. A painting makes the space distinctive and expresses the personal style of its inhabitants.

So, we are very excited about our shared future and look forward to sharing our next art-infused project with you. Follow us and join in this exciting journey where interior design and art come together to create something beautiful.

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