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What quality differences exist among our categories of visual designs?

Let's start by discussing why it's beneficial to create a 3D visual design.

3D visualizations are definitely beneficial as they allow you to see your concept before it's actually built. You can choose from various options depending on how detailed and in what quality you'd like to see the space (whether it's outdoor or indoor). You can find more detailed description about this here.

At Studio Trend Interior, we think in 3 categories:

Category I. - Basic 3D visual concept

Category II. - 3D visual concept

Category III. - Photorealistic 3D Visual Concept

What is the difference between the three categories?

For the Category I. - basic 3D visual concept - we display the colors and materials in a sketch-like snapshot, in order to showcase the main distinctive elements, the space, shapes, colors, textures in actual size.

In Category II - 3D visual concept- beyond displaying colors and materials, we also render the image, making the space appear much more realistic, with intricate details such as lights, shadows, and illumination, for instance, lighting and reflections.

At Category III. - photorealistic 3D visualization - the presentation is lifelike. The quality of the image is as if it were a photograph.

Which category do we recommend for when / to whom?

We recommend Category I. - basic 3D visual design - for those who would like to see how the space will look before the execution, to visualize the colors and materials, but are only interested in a general overview and not concerned about the details.

In Category II. - 3D visual design - if, for instance, we want to see the sunlight exposure or if we'd like to perceive the space in a slightly more realistic manner, then opting for this presentation is advisable.

In the case of Category III. - photorealistic 3D visualization - if you want to showcase the interior, for instance on a website, before it comes to fruition (e.g. a real estate property for sale, Airbnb, magazine, exhibition booth, hotel interior, product/interior presentation), then this version is the perfect choice.

We've piqued your interest, but you still have questions regarding the visual plans? Let's discuss the details within the scope of a free online consultation! Schedule an appointment here!


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