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Bathroom concepts with Ravak products

We participated in a fantastic project where we incorporated Ravak products into various bathrooms and visualized them through 3D renderings. Below, we present the mentioned bathroom designs.

Our first project was built around the 10° bathroom family, where the bathroom has an area of 7.5m2. During the design process, the guiding principle was a modern, unusual, and playful atmosphere. Light and dark gray terrazzo tiles surround the sanitary family, which is rotated at a 10-degree angle, directing the gaze towards the sink. We combined the look with warm walnut-toned accessories and a designer chair, further enhancing the modern and playful atmosphere.

Our next project focused on the Avocado bathroom family, which has an area of 3m2. Our goal was to design a modern, feminine, cozy, and romantic bathroom. To achieve this, we chose feminine, curved shapes for the sanitary fixtures and used the color beige. The exciting wavy tiling and the round mirror further enhance the romantic atmosphere.

The BeHappy bathroom family had a floor area of 3.5m2. The focus here was on a modern-minimalist, youthful, and refreshing green ambiance. A uniquely shaped bathtub, combined with a bathtub screen, a sink, and a washing machine, found its place in the bathroom. We opted for colorful wall coverings that highlight the delicate lines of the sanitary fixtures. In the separate toilet area, we covered the walls with mosaic-style tiles.

Our Freedom W black bathroom project reflects a minimalist atmosphere and its area is 13.5m2. The black Freedom W bathtub serves as the centerpiece of the bathroom, accentuated by the glossy surface of the Shui wall covering. The bold black bathtub stands amidst warm brown floor tiles, surrounded by slip-resistant porcelain Viggo floor tiles with a wood-like finish. Soft gray terry fabrics and warm brown accessories adorn this spacious and comfortable bathroom. In addition to the Walk-In shower cabin that provides extra comfort, a sophisticated, simple-shaped stool completes the overall picture.

Finally, our Ypsilon bathroom project was realized in a comfortable and spacious 14m2 area. The main attraction of the Ypsilon sanitary collection is the bathtub, which is positioned in front of the extra-large, floor-to-ceiling corner windows, allowing plenty of natural light to flood into the bathroom. The Walk-In shower, the countertop-mounted sink, and the toilet-bidet combination provide extra comfort. This design has become our personal favorite as it is comfortable, practical, and uniquely elegant.

These bathrooms designed by us and the combination of Ravak products are excellent examples of how different moods and styles can be achieved in the field of interior design. With the help of 3D visualizations, the atmosphere of the planned bathroom becomes precisely palpable, and it helps customers make decisions between the appropriate products and styles.

Feel free to contact us if you would like to see the interior spaces before the execution.


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