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Specialty café in the heart of Budapest: The café for university students

I would like to introduce a special project to you which will be the new café for university students in the heart of Budapest. As an interior designer I can participate in the design and realization of a café that is dedicated to lovers of specialty coffee, where young people can relax and learn at the same time.

The first thing that stands out during the project is the style of the café. We wanted to create a place that offers a unique and special experience for every visitor. Specialty café blend rustic, industrial, and modern elements, and I also tried to create this harmony.

Rustic appearance

The walls are adorned with unique worn, rustic decorative painting, which imparts a sense of warmth and coziness. The brick cladding symbolizes durability and tradition.

Industrial features

Black metal frames support the shelves, and these frames are an integral part of the modern and timeless design.

Modern comfort

I wanted to create a comfortable learning and relaxation space for university students. The wooden paneling and shelves, leather chairs, and wooden tables are elements that bring the sense of modern comfort and warm homeliness. The comfortable leather bar stools are ideal spots for friendly conversations and studying.

The role of green

In the café plants also play an important role. The plants placed on the shelves are not only aesthetic but also bring fresh air into the space which can aid both in studying and relaxation. The net decoration on the ceiling provides a unique visual element.

Color palette and ambiance

Colors play a significant role in design. Black and brown hues dominate the café, conveying elegance and warmth. Such colors complement rustic and industrial elements exceptionally well, helping to create an atmosphere ideal for studying and relaxation.

Overall it has been a very exciting experience to be a part of this project, and I feel that I have managed to create a café in the designs that will provide a unique experience for young people. We hope that this place will offer the perfect blend of learning and relaxation and guide visitors into the world of specialty coffee.



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