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Wallpaper in the bedroom: inspiration for relaxation and rest

The bedroom, as an island of tranquility, is an oasis of relaxation and rest, so it is extremely important to choose the right patterns and colors when designing the interior.

After a few days of searching and browsing the internet, we have chosen the perfect wallpaper for the bedroom. In the end, we decided on a large-scale leaf patterned wallpaper in shades of gray-blue from the Tapétatrend's collection.

Our goal was to create a bedroom that caters to both the husband and wife's tastes without being overly feminine or masculine.

First, we chose from various wall paints. We tried out three different paint shades on a small section of drywall, and then took these shades to the store to compare them with wallpapers. Ultimately, we decided on a pale gray - almost white - wall, framed by a 10 cm polystyrene decorative molding, serving as an elegant backdrop for the concrete night lamps. The pattern of the wallpaper and the shape of the lamps are in perfect harmony with each other.

We waited for a few days until the wallpaper rolls arrived. During this time, countless thoughts raced through our minds: Will it be too shiny? Is the pattern too busy? Are the leaf motifs too small? Will it be too blue? Not gray enough?...

And the big question: Which wall should it go on? Facing the bed, so it can always be seen, or behind the headboard, allowing the subtly shimmering, at other times silky matte wallpaper to be enjoyed when entering the room. In the end, we decided on the latter option :)

Once the rolls arrived, we were notified to pick them up. We handed over the adhesive needed for wallpapering, along with the rolls, to the painters who quickly got to work.

The end result: The pattern is lively, but thanks to the harmonious blend of colors, it creates a soothing effect. So now every evening becomes a pleasure to say "Good night!" :)

Do you want to spice up your bedroom a bit but don't know where to start? Reach out to us, and we will design it for you!



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