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  • Do we work nationwide and abroad aswell?
    Of course! Fortunately, nowadays, we can easily stay connected online, so distance is not a barrier.
  • When is it necessary to hire an interior designer?
    It is beneficial to seek the assistance of an interior designer even before the construction of the property. By working together with the relevant professionals, we can establish the interior design from the beginning and provide advice from an interior design perspective.
  • Is there a minimum floor area requirement, or can I request a quote for any size of space?
    There is no minimum requirement. We can design a unique balcony or even a multi-level restaurant.
  • Why is it beneficial to have a 3D visualization created?
    3D visualizations are always beneficial because they allow you to see your concept before it is actually built. You have the opportunity to choose from various options based on how detailed you want to see the space, whether it's an exterior or interior view. You can find more detailed information about this here.
  • Where can I find the prices for the services?
    We determine the prices on an individual basis in each case since different orders entail different requirements. Please contact us so that we can discuss your needs and provide you with a preliminary quote.
  • How can an interior designer assist me?
    • We provide interior design consultancy to assist in shaping the interior space. • We can help not only with furniture arrangement and color selection but also with tasks such as relocating walls, designing false ceilings, placing lighting fixtures, planning sanitary fixtures, and designing kitchens. • We create 3D visualizations to help you see the space before it is completed. • We prepare technical plans. • We freshen up your property intended for rental to attract more interested parties. • We create wellness spaces for the perfect spa experience. • We take into consideration special needs, such as designing accessible spaces. • We take the burden off your shoulders and suggest procurement sources in any price range. Moreover, we can assist you throughout the procurement process and provide personal advice during shopping.
  • How will the collaboration process work?
    The actual process may vary based on the project and specific requirements. Initial contact and discussion of requirements - We will communicate online or over the phone to understand your vision. Provide a quotation. Contract drafting. Detailed discussions and on-site assessment. Preparation of proposal/conceptual plans. Design development, revisions, and refinements. Finalization of design plans. Presentation (including 3D visualizations, documentation, technical drawings, etc.). Compilation of a consignment list - summarizing the recommended products (lighting fixtures, furniture, textiles, decor items, and other furnishings) in a table format, including specifications, colors, materials, prices, quantities, and procurement sources. Assistance with the procurement of specified products. Design supervision - If desired, we can provide on-site supervision during the implementation phase to ensure adherence to the design plans, manage coordination with contractors, oversee furniture and equipment installation, and facilitate the smooth completion of the project until the turnkey handover.
  • Is a personal meeting necessary?
    The need for a personal meeting depends on the nature of the requested service. For example, when designing a property that is not yet built or partially completed, online/phone discussions, floor plans, and images of the vision may be sufficient.
  • Are the 3D visualizations fully achievable? Can the furniture, accessories, etc. depicted in them be procured?
    We create the 3D visualizations in a way that they are achievable. The furniture, accessories, etc. depicted in them are available in the commercial market, and they can also be custom-made. Upon request, we can provide a list of procurement sources and prices, as well as recommend contractors or specialized representatives.
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